Reasoning about Reality, Eternity, Infinity, Life and Death

It is very hard to reason about life, death, nature of existence, and reality itself. Eternity/Infinity are hard concepts to grasp. Even all religions have the promise of eternity (once you die) and most of them claim that “God” himself is eternal. For an ordinary human, it is really hard to grasp those concepts. Or is it …

Most of the difficulties related to that lie in the fact that w most of the time we are looking at it from the wrong frame of reference. the wrong perspective.

We are looking at things in terms of is/isn’t, left/right, good/evil, life/death, light/dark, on or off. We are observing reality in concepts of opposites which are deterministic and non-flexible. Those concepts are predominant in our daily lives and are tightly nit in the fabric of human existence/society but NOT the fabric of reality itself.

Those concepts tend to be useful in some contexts but are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

If you look beyond humans and animals (even in some animal species) there really is no right or left, day or night, etc… The nature of “nature” is different, it is a constant flow of existence, constant evolution and branching of life.

There really is no day or night, the sun simply gets obscured by our planet itself. The darkness itself is a concept of our own. It’s just an absence of light.

Good and evil does not really exist outside of the human species, there are just events, causes, and consequences, actions, and reactions, an ever-evolving reality.

The problem is this. As soon as you start thinking about infinity/eternity as a separate concept from beginning/end or life/death, you have immediately condemned yourself to failure because you are making a distinction, creating a contrast and a dichotomy between those concepts which in reality, does not exist.

What I am trying to say is that beginning/end, infinity/eternity are just constructs that people created so they can reason about reality in different contexts and scenarios. Another thing is that they are tightly related TO TIME, and we keep forgetting that time in itself is also a construct, merely a different aspect of reality in the same sense that space is. Once you realize that you start to understand how infinity becomes a byproduct of our efforts to understand the universe and the reality itself.

To cut to the chase — is/isn’t are just language constructs, matter only changes form and/or state. All that there really is and ever was is NOW. All that exists is this present moment. There is no past or future, beginning or end or even infinity. All that exists is now, you simply ARE and the universe simply IS — see how it’s easy to make a mistake — you and the universe are really one thing, the biggest mistake is to consider ourselves different separated by space (space also has substance and connects us).
WE (universe, we in it and all that there is) simply ARE.

Again from our frame of reference ARE is also a bad word to use because it is also a categorization and implies the existence of AREN’T, so when I say ARE think of it as a concept in itself without the opposite, the existence itself, there is no AREN’T.

Everything is being projected from the current moment, there is no past, even the past is projected from the present — see, that moment is now gone (it’s in the past as we would put it), see, that one also, they don’t exist anymore. They were projected from the present. In the same sense, there is no future. You can project the future or predict it but it does not really exist, there is only now. Reality materializes itself as you experience it and exists only now, at this moment. The only purpose there is, is to be. Life and existence are a purpose within themselves.

That is really all there is. Once you grasp that concept, and I mean really think about it and grasp it. Grasp the essence and implications of it, it is profoundly liberating and at the same moment, it can be a scary thought because you realize that you possess all the freedom in the world right now and that you can do whatever your heart desires with the present moment. You have all the power but also all of the responsibility, you realize that there is no one watching you, guarding you or waiting to punish you for “your deeds”, you are really a part of everything, of one whole and are solely in charge of your life.

To conclude.

Infinity, beginnings, ends, life, death are all parts of the same reality, are just made-up useful concepts, and don’t exist in isolation.

Everything that there is, is now, a fractal that repeats itself and evolves literally as we speak, everything changes and transforms, becoming something else.

The universe and reality simply exist and ARE there is no concept of AREN’T or NOTHINGNESS, those are constructs we made up — there can never be “nothing” (see how the statement contradicts itself) — everything just is!

Just take a moment to look around you, but I really mean look, without that background voice or any thoughts… See … That is all there is, and it’s beautiful. And you are an inseparable part of it. There are different levels of reality that exist on different scales that might be out of our grasp and reach of understanding but that’s that.

There is really nothing more to it, but the question is, now that you know… What are you going to do about it?