Projections Explained (DDD EU 2020 talk summary)

  • Starts off at a known position in the ALL stream, or from a VERSION in the aggregate stream (this allows us to resume when we crash — that’s why projection is in control of the cursor)
  • What is the optimal data structure for this read model
  • What events do we need
  • Where do we store it
  • used to identify rows / values / documents
  • to return to consumers
  • to filter on
  • needed to allow updates from future events
  • written with cohesion / as units
  • focus on what, not how
  • limit amount of boilerplate
  • optimized for your platform/language
  • don’t be conservative about the number of them (this one is mine)
  • complexity
  • dependencies (e.g. on another projections data structure) — try to avoid unless you can ensure the order of projection building, but it’s still not encouraged, nor fun
  • repeated logic in different projections or same logic in the domain model and read model (don’t do this)
  • big data structure — depends



Software Engineer

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