I spent a few weekends polishing the LeanBoard and introducing the initial forms of two of most important features which are:

- live collaboration (just share the link)
- local persistence (your bards are saved locally)

There is still no server backup so the boards will only exist on all personal machines, but this is coming soon.

As everything else collaboration still has some rough edges but I can say that it is already quite useful as a package.

Having a collaborative online brain storming and event storming session without having to pay for each participant.

Stay tuned …



Very detailed and straight to the point article as always. A couple of months ago I wrote a similar although very small post as a response to a comment I made elsewhere:


Antons post goes into more details and gives more detailed reasons why Kafka is not a good fit for ES.

I would argue though that it is not impossible to implement a limited niche event sourcing solution by using single partition topics in combination with kafka transactions and compacted topics (eg. you would always snapshot) - but this is far from ideal and would be of very little use except in very very small niche cases.

All in all, don't use Kafka for event sourcing "especially" if you are doing it for the first time.



Not long ago I have slowly started preparing material for a pragmatic hands-on book I’ve always wanted to write on the topic of event sourcing, where I would explore it in my own approachable way, applicable to any skill level while also spicing it up with golang, ports and adapters, tdd, testing, event driven architecture and good software engineering practices in general.

It’s still early days and I am still fleshing it out. I would be grateful if anyone that is interested in any of these topics would reach out to me with any suggestions regarding specific topics you would like covered etc…

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, feel free to subscribe via this link below in order to receive future updates.

Thanks for reading.